Specialist Disinfection and Sanitisation

We offer a complete service for all your infection control needs suitable for use in homes, doctor’s surgeries, schools, office buildings, care homes, restaurants, and retail spaces.

We use a disinfectant which kills up to 99.9999% of microbes including coronavirus (SARS-COV 2) which leads to the illness COVID-19. This disinfectant kills bacteria and viruses within seconds and provides long lasting residual protection which can last up to a few weeks (we only advise 24 hours protection in high contact areas where contamination can be re-introduced).

All our staff are fully trained and certified in infection control. We can also provide you with a certificate so you can promote that your building has been cleaned and disinfected to a hospital grade.

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Our complete infection control service includes:

  • Cleaning of all soft furnishings with high powered steam truck mounted equipment. The NHS recommends steam cleaning on items such as carpets and upholstery to kill germs and bacteria. All soft furnishings are pre and post treated with disinfectant.


  • All hard surfaces and contact areas are cleaned and treated with disinfectant. Cleaning all high contact areas is a vital step to ensure full decontamination and allow the fogging to disinfect properly. Wiping all surfaces down with a single cloth over the one job can actually introduce more bacteria than its removing. This is why we use a new cloths/paper towel to wipe down each piece of furniture.


  • Finally we use specialist equipment to fog the entire room with disinfectant. This ensures all areas are treated and fully protected and gets to places that cannot be treated by hand. The very fine mist from the fogging equipment coats every surface with a very fine layer of the disinfectant which can keep on protecting for weeks. Rooms can be returned to use in as little as two hours.

Who can benefit from our infection control services?

We offer these services to domestic and commercial customers to either help with an already established infection or as a preventative service to reduce the chance of infection. We can offer our services as a one off deep decontamination cleanse or as a regular service to ensure high levels of hygiene are maintained depending on your requirements.


Any commercial premises with staff or visiting public can benefit from our disinfection service including homes, doctor’s surgeries, schools, office buildings, care homes, restaurants, and retail spaces. We can arrange special out of hours visits to help keep your business running uninterrupted.

Domestic – Healthy Home Package.

Now more than ever it’s extremely important to maintain high levels of hygiene in the home. If you are moving into a new house or would like extra reassurance in your own home, why not take advantage of our Healthy Home Package? This includes all carpets cleaned and post treated with disinfectant, contact areas wiped down and fogging each room with our antimicrobial disinfectant. Call us now for more information and prices.

If the worst should happen and you are faced with an unexpected spill follow these three simple rules:

Step One

Blot up as much of the spill with absorbent white toilet/kitchen tissue. Never scrub or rub as this could damage the carpet.

Step Two

Use a damp Cloth to rinse the fibres. Never saturate as this may spread the stain further. Never use any household detergents as this can set the stain making it permanent.

Step Three

Call MW Carpet Care for a fully professional service.